Sunday, January 22, 2006

January 20, 2006: Appointment Offer Deadline

January 20, 2006: Appointment Offer Deadline

Dear Smok Fin,

I have decided not to take this offer of appointment. Numerous reasons:

1. Undisclosed contract terms and conditions (too many unanswered questions).
  • Lots of time and chances given to answer.
  • Lack of honesty obvious.

2. Unacceptable salary (far too low).

  • Require additional 15,000 Singaporean/year.
  • This salary was always minimum requirement.
  • Based on relevant research.

3. Unexplained salary setting process (management not accounting for choices).

  • Accounting department is far too silent there.
  • Which implies no clear accounting.

4. Contradictory information regarding salary (re: experience and qualifications).

  • Probably greatest disappointment.
  • Appears intended to misinform.

5. MOE does not appear to know how to treat or negotiate in free market.

  • Rude measurement of proofs of work and qualifications.
  • Too suspicious to be trusted as an employer.

6. Personal financial losses considerable.

  • Cannot redeem MOE's strategy.
  • MOE inspires no leadership as a result, no future desire to work for MOE.

7. No educational options/allotments enshrined in contract vs. interview hooks.

  • Interviewers were incompetent, throwing far too many enticements.
  • That is my hard experience. If it is not in contract it is deception.

Overall Conclusion
My image of the way things are done in Singapore is permanently altered.

I am satisfied that I resolved to clarify these points as per my concerns and I maintain that significant intransigence in the way MOE is doing business regarding contracts is obviously the reason they are hiring so many English teachers. Singaporeans themselves must be abandoning the vocation of teaching for MOE. It is sad to see. My confidence in your management structure is gone. The way MOE is doing business also explains why such a small percentage of Singaporeans have university educations.

Best of Luck with Your Endeavours!

Sincerely, Daniel Costello, BA, CELTA, MIB

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