Friday, January 20, 2006

Part Two: Why Dubai? (Singapore Contract Saga)

I might get flamed by the supposed best educational recruitment company in the UK for posting my critique of their methods here so I will kindly not name them. But I will say I probably posted my CV to them back in 2003 so hearing from them again in 2004 was a bit of a surprise. Originally they had been advertising for Dubai teaching positions, to which, I would think, I would be ideally suited considering I spent three years working in Abu Dhabi. However British expatriates will probably be the first to admit that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are worlds apart nowadays. It is only twenty or thirty years since virtually every cleaner and scrubber in Abu Dhabi was a mop and pail cleaner straight off the set of Coronation Street. Now that they have been replaced with Tamils and Keralites straight from South India for two hundred dollars a month Abu Dhabi is no longer considered fit for British habitation by many recruiters.

So to get this email from a lady, let's call her "Shylock" about a teaching job in Singapore was a surprise. And it had to be all hush-hush as if it was some sort of prize. Obviously, like pigs sometimes, recruiters get desperate to source candidates, they select based on wider criteria at times. They bring up the less savoury roots sometimes. Anyway, why would I want to go back to Dubai? Here's why.

Knowledge Village

Probably the best concentration of competitively priced university degrees and programs offerings on the planet. If working overseas, one should always avail oneself of the opportunities for educational upgrading at 25% discounts. So that is why I was on their recruitment lists to begin with. I really have few specific employment goals other than to earn enough money to continue to go to night classes. Few recruiters it seems understand the salary requirements in such cases. Those of us who economically are required to work overseas are damned to be at the will of recruiters who want to pin us into specific categories or salary scales. I wish to confirm I earn and always hope to earn more than the Filipinos. The British however appear to be less interested in salary and more interested in banding together and getting off their own little island regardless of the penurious salaries they are offered and continually accepting.

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