Thursday, August 28, 2008

eConcordia: Effective Promotional Strategy

I think eConcordia's promotional strategy has been effective. Wed quality programs with quality instruction and online learning platforms to access working learners otherwise unable to attend real time learning environments or classrooms. Providing quality education online available, anywhere at anytime embodies the concepts of "m-learning" or mobile-learning platforms which are identified as the future of accessible education globally.

As learning progressively becomes a life skill in developed nations the "Professional and Continuing Education Segment "offers fine-tuning of specific professional skills and expansion of knowledge through industry-specific certificates such as the FITT Skills courses provide.

Accruing awards such as: "2005 Award for Excellence and Innovation in Instructional Design by the Canadian Association for Distance Education" or "2003 Canadian e-Business Leadership Award in the category of E-learning" legitimizes eConcordia's historical record of instructional innovation in a competitive category of education. Further I would suggest seeking further global awards in these categories would be the next progressive step for eConcordia's online programs. While I am not suggesting Malcolm Baldridge I am suggesting viewing the global world as the next horizon in terms of awards.

Aligning itself with the FITT Skills program was a fortunate coinicidence for eConcordia which obviously indicates success in marketing to my particular consumer profile (I hope the feeling is mutual). I seek relevant information and respectable certification of that knowledge in the Canadian context through online studies. eConcordia meets that need and is a singular example and a Canadian educational market leader in that regard. Provide what others provide in a unique method. I think it works and I hope it is profitable?

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